Quiller Triumph  


Photo history of our recent major restoration jobs. Click the thumbs below:


TR6 Full Restoration:


Spitfire Full Restoration:


TR6 Body Restoration:


Sprint Full Restoration:


Spitfire 1500 Full Restoration


Spitfire III Full Restoration


Herald 1200 Full Restoration


Vitesse Restoration:


Spitfire IV Structual Restoration


SpitfireII: Full Respray:


TR6: Full restoration:


Stag: Full Respray:


Spitfire 1500: Full Restoration:


Stag: Full Restoration:


Spitfire 1500: Full respray, 4 new wings:


Herald 13/60: Full respray:


Spitfire 1500: Full Restoration


 Sprint Full Restoration:


GT6 Full Restoration:


2000 Full Respay:


Vitesse: Full Restoraton:


Spitfire: Full Respray:


Herald 1200: Full Restoration:


GT6 III: Full Restoration:


Stag: Full Restoration


Stag: Full Respray


Specials & Modifications

Modified Spitfire


Spitfire to GT6 Convertible Conversion & Full Respray


Herald Pickup (front hinged bonnet, TR6 engine, autobox etc)



Accident Damage:


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