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We cut our hood blanks to fit your individual car - tailor-made rather than off-the-peg. This is important as every Triumph is slightly different with differing panels gaps  and door glass elevation limit (after all Triumphs were built by people, not robots!). This problem is compounded by the age of the cars which have often further differed from factory specification over the years, for example with body studs moved from their original location, slightly distorted hood frames etc. As our hoods are made to measure we can get over these problems and still get a good snug fit all round (especially important between the door glass and hood). Click here to see photos of the hood fit we achieve

Hoods can be supplied in any colour, or alternatively the hood beading can be piped in a contrasting colour. A coloured hood adds a 15% premium to the price opposite. Click here for samples

Click here for hood prices

Want to fit your own hood or carpet? See here

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